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Q1. What’s an e-cigarette?

A1: An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered vaporizer which simulates the feeling of smoking, but without burning tobacco. The three main types of e-cigarettes are

cigalikes, eGo, and MODs. Their use is commonly called ’vaping’. The user activates the e-cigarette by taking a puff or pressing a button.

Q2: How to protect and prevent the burning taste when using the atomizer?

A2: Please make sure to leave the atomizer alone for at least 1-2 minutes after injection or just drip a few drops e-juice directly to atomizer coil head so as to make the wick
inside fully moist. Also you can inhale for several times without pressing the button.Don’t puff too long one time, stop puffing when the e-juice is not enough, clean the coil
when it begin splashed.Also pls do not use very high VG content (means too sticky e-juice),which will easily bring burnt taste.

Q3: What could we do if the atomizer leaks from the mouthpiece or atomizer base? 

A3: If the e-juice is leaking from mouthpiece, firstly, please make sure the e-liquid was not filled into the air pipe. Secondly, please check if the sealing O-ringson the
atomizer tube and atomizer head are both intact and in good condition.If the e-juice is leaking from the atomizer base, please check if the sealing o-ringson the atomizer
base is intact and in good condition and make sure the liquid level is between 10%-90%. Also you must make sure all parts of the atomizer are assembled tightly.

Q4: How to protect the batteries & MODs?

A4: Please fully charge the battery or mods before use it, don’t use when it showslow-power or powered almost out, power off the battery of mods when not use,

Suggest not use when on charging though some of Smokjoy Products like Air 50S Series Support passthrough(Enjoy Vaping when Charging).

Q5: Does SMOKJOY atomizers suitable to connect to batteries and mods from other companies?

A5: SMOKJOY all atomizers can work with any batteries and mods in market withintheir working wattages. Please assure working wattage for atomizer

is withinallow/suggested wattage of your using batteries.Vice versa,SMOKJOY mods or batteries suitable to work with atomizers from other companies.

Q6: Which SMOKJOY atomizers can be compatible with each other?And wha’s the coil materials  

A6: 1) These atomizer coils are compatible with each other:Mix Tank/Air Tank/Air Tank 22

2) Air Tank,Mix Tank,Air Tank 22,can sell separately,

3) Coil Materials:Kanthal A1 and Organic Cotton.

Q7: How to produce more vapors?

A7: To produce more vapor, please notice the tips below

1) Airflow:Smooth airflow induction is necessary,more airflow across the coil means more liquid and oxygen around the heating coil,which can help produce more vapor.

2) Ohms & Amps: According to the formula P=I*I*R, lower ohms means more ampsat any given wattage, high amps converted into more heat on the coil, which can help
produce more vapor. RDA’s ohms always low, so that can make big clouds.

3) PG/VG: High VG e-juice would give much more vapor than PG-based juice,customers can select their like PG/VG juice, so that can produce different cloudsof vapor.

4) Don’t be huge vapor chaser without safety assurance, choose the most suitableis the best for every vapers. Happy Vaping,Enjoy Life!



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